Mika Toivanen is a Finnish photographer specialising in art, documentary and shamanic portrait photography. His interest in photography began at an early age. He had his first camera RICOH when he was twelve years old. For 30 years though his path went to the other direction: he established a successful career as a multi awarded music producer and composer receiving platinum albums with top artists in Finland.

In 2016 his life took a new twist. Toivanen jumped out of the music business treadmill, and decided to explore life from a fresh, brand new angle. He fell in love with his old buddy, photography. He went to study in VVI in Finland and became a photography artisan in 2019. For the past years he has been building his portfolio photographing all over the world: Finland, Norway, USA, Hawaii and India. His main focus has been in birthing his own artistic essence as a photographer. His photos have strong contrasts, tangible spirit and powerful, often stark character.

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